Victoria English Country Dance Society

2014 - 2015 Dance Season


Weekly dancing Thursday evenings 25 September to 18 December 2014

Live Music from The Dancehall Players!

Their second album is available

Upcoming dance programs 2014  --  Dance programs from the last year 2013/14

The Dancehall Players, our lovely house band, also performs about the Victoria and Vancouver area

Dancehall Players @ Dan's HallThe Dancehall Players at VECDS 12th Night dinner dance 2014

The VECDS is a group of friendly people who gather once a week to dance. We dance in longways sets, circles and squares

These are "old" dances from the 18th and 19th centuries and "new" dances in the English style created in the 20th and 21st centuries. Not all are "Playford" as some new quirks have been added, and olde ones found

Each dance has its own music played wonderfully by our musicians, The Dancehall Players

It is easy to learn the dances and we always have a caller

We welcome newcomers, whether dancers or musicians.  No dance partner or experience is required - just a desire to have fun.

Come play with us! For the 2013/2014 dance year an Open Band evening is planned for the 4th Thursday of each month. For details and music please contact band leader
Some event details may intentionally not be published so please ask at a dance session, or by e-mail or telephone call. Be on our local e-mail list to receive updates

Check Island Dance (a web site & e-mail list) for various forms of Country & Folk dance in town or the Island(s)


Hear The Dancehall Players about the local area. See their page for information on appearances


Thursdays, commencing 17 July 2014 -- a DIY Barn Dance with the Victoria Experimental Contry Dance Party & Urban Barn Dance - an Open Band (join us) and Open Caller Mic (try calling!) Some ECD often included as many of those playing in the band dance or play for ECD and a number of those stepping up to the mic call for or dance ECD
Check the page weekly to confirm it's on, summer run length is uncertain

5 - 7 Sep 2014 VECDS Hands Across The Water weekend, Colin Hume leads, music by The Dancehall Players Registration is open AND full. A waiting list is being taken

13 Sep 2014 Victoria Contra Dance - with Colin Hume. First autumn season dance (evening), special workshop offer (early afternoon)

English & Scottish Country Dance Balls & Events - Greater Pacific Northwest, by Doug Brown

Folk & Country Dance - Vancouver Island & southern BC islands @ Island Dance, site & list, by John D. Erskine

VECDS hosted our biennial English Country ball in March 2013 & Apr 2011 (alternates with Vancouver ECD). Our brief ball history page now hosts some links to pictures and video of the 2011 event, including some parts of our post-lunch entertainment (2013 here for now). What we danced

We hosted our 13th Annual Hands Across the Water workshop weekend,  6 - 8 September 2013
Music by The Dancehall Players, dance workshops and parallel caller track activities with Bruce Hamilton. A grand time was had by all. If you have photos or videos, please send a link for publishing
We are an affiliate of the Country Dance & Song Society

The Dancehall Players albums  - reviews - cover& contents  Their second CD More From Dan's Hall is now available

Dance & event photo gallery

CDSS Newsletter article by Lael Whitehead about Dance On Mayne (Mayne Island, two-stop ferry ride away)


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