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Island Dance

A web site & an e-mail list for those interested in folk & country dance, on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and other islands in southern British Columbia. Who might that be? Dancers, Dance Groups, Callers, Musicians, Organisers, and the like

Some regional, national or other info will be presented as well for Islanders that have not ventured further afield on the Web, or dance floor


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The Site

Have a dance web site? This is a node or concentration site which may help folks to find your dancing information. I have no intention or desire to duplicate your site, or at any rate much of it. Highlights, special events and the like may easily be posted here and are welcome.

Those without an on-line home may have a simple page or more of information here on this site. Simply write and ask. See the  page for Island Thyme Morris as an example of what you might host here.

Feel free to write with content submissions or ideas. The more complete or prepared a submission is the quicker it will be to post. Please send in basic (ASCII) text (a .txt file). The less formatting the better. Several weeks prior to the event helps folks to discover it. If it's in plain text it will likely be posted within several days. Images or photographs are welcome. They'll likely be resized. If you have a PDF of an event please forward that. Also try to keep it small-ish in terms of the file size. If in doubt, try or ask. The most common issue is resizing an image to fit visually without changing its resolution. 

Reports of content errors are always welcome, as are suggestions of most any kind

Separately, however associated with the web site, is an e-mail list, iDance (it's info page)

iDance - The List

This e-mail list is for any Island, inter-Island, onto-the-Island communication involving Folk or Country Dance. This might be for organisers hosting bands and/or callers, bands or callers on tour, and any announcements. Please read more about it on its own page

E-mail addresses posted here

E-mail addresses on the site (mine & yours) are functionally "covered" or encrypted using Javascript. The idea is to minimise the chance of them being collected by web crawlers or spiders and to allow for the ease of "clicking" on them

To ensure you are viewing them please have Javascript running. If you use NoScript (in the Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Pale Moon web browsers) set it to allow the vecds.bc.ca domain

Most folks will have no difficulty viewing them as the default settings on many web browsers are quite liberal. Questions or requests for assistance are welcome.


Send info, updates and postings, or even brickbats to the webmaster.

or contact me via Skype, for a text chat (Instant Messaging) or voice call (video really not necessary.) Refresh page to confirm status. My status


I'm a local dancer, dance caller, closetd musician, and a decidedly not closeted singer. I truly enjoy connecting people with each other and things they may like. Dancing is something easy to "sell" for me, actually many of my pastimes are, easy to sell that is.

I enjoy meeting and dancing with many of my friends, in town, on the Islands, the Lower Mainland, around the region and across the contient or overseas. A bit of a dance gypsy, some dancing or it's related affairs have taken me oot and aboot (to satisfy one stereotype.)

If there is anything you would like to see added to this site or the list please let me know.