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Island Dance list (iDance)

What? and a wee bit of Why & How

This web site presents information -- for Country/Country & Folk dance -- for Vancouver Island & neighbouring islands and the islands of Southern BC

There is an associated e-mail listserver (Island Dance, aka iDance). A community mailing list to support communication to, for and especially amongst dancers, musicians, callers, & organisers. Discussion, as appropriate, and the all important announcements

Why a mailing list? What is it for?

For dancers & musicians to get the word about events, help out with dances, discuss; For organisers to . . . organise!; For callers, musicians, to book gigs, etc. In other words, connections, communication, introductions, passing of information related to country and/or folk dance. All about folk & country dancing!

E-mail, not dead yet

If you use "recognised" social media (e.g. FaceBook), fine. Not everyone does, or can. While functional, they are not ubiquitous, nor universal. E-mail is. Remember the people you'd like to have fun with? Whether dancing with them at your Country (social) dance or enjoying the performance of your Folk dance, they likely still have access to e-mail, effectively the first (electronic) "social media"

Make your FB, Google+, etc. notice public, and post a link to it to iDance

What is a listserver?

It uses e-mail to get the word around. To allow people to announce, discuss, otherwise communicate and so on

Isn't this old fashioned?

No. E-mail was indeed one of the first interpersonal uses of the Internet (and it's precursors). It is still the most universal means of electronic, textual communication. It is ubiquitous and uses technical standards that are larger than any single "social media" service. It functions outside of any "walled garden" ecosystem. It is a form of one-to-one or one-to-many social media

And it works, how?

A computer that has a list of the subscribers/members addresses and a mail program that only handles this one job. Send an e-mail to the List or Posting (input) address, it spits the message out to all the subscribed folks. The input address may only be used by those subscribed. To dancers of English Country in Victoria, it's a "Suzanne"

Someone I don't know sent me a message. Why?

Erm, they didn't (well they might have, see lower). Most likely someone replied To The List when replying to a message (Reply List, or Reply All). When we're having a discussion, updating a posting of information, this is most welcome!

So they likely didn't send (only) you a message. They sent it to the "list" (the computer running the list for us) and it sent it to all subscribers

Now if you made a reply to the list or to all and someone then replied to that message, it quite possibly did come to only you. Best practise: Everyone, Always Always Always look where your message is going. Learn how your e-mail program works, view the To: field

How do I sign up?

One may visit the Detailed Help or Experienced list user page on this site for more guidance and information (at least one visit is recommended) or one may directly visit the list info page to sign-up

If in doubt simply write to the Webmaster and ask them to add you. If you've put your name on a paper list at a dance you'll either be added or receive an invitation message shortly

On Topic!

Please feel free to post (send a message to the list). The list owner (JDE, yes 'JD') wishes you to post about dance & dance music. It may be an announcement, a trip report, ride request, offerings, questions about how to get to a dance camp, a new dance, dance event, dance style you've found, a new web page you've found, etc. Anyone with related information or knowledge about the topic/thread may reply, the  beauty of using a list

This means that much country & folk dance related activity on the Islands is On Topic

Off Topic (this means don't post it)

Jokes (other than about dance) are Off Topic. As are chain letters, motivational posts, virus warnings from your best friend, political, religious, economic, ecology/natural environment posts (unless there's a dance!) are all OT. Putting OT in the subject line won't excuse this, just don't send it

Dance stuff? You bet, send it, why we're all here

Folk related music-only events are welcome over on Island Folk, hosted by VFMS (est. 1999). Music events with a dance are also welcome on iDance. Please be very clear about the contents

Our Sponsor

The computer services supporting the operation of this list are provided to the community by the Victoria Telecommunities Network (aka Victoria Freenet Association). Please consider supporting them with a membership/e-mail account (only $25/yr, which is less expensive than Google) or the business of hosting your web site  (a site, all up, 12 mo. & registered domain name ~ $112)