iDance e-mail list - detailed info 

  1. How to sign up
      1. List Address
      2. Posting
  2. Replying to the List
      1. Mail control & Threading
      2. List Topic Filter ("I only want Announcements!")
  3. Sending Announcements (Making sure everyone receives it!)
      1. E-mail management

      2. Resources
      3. Mail / posts to the list - format/editing/posting styles
      4. Mail Management
  4. Threaded E-mail - general
  5. Filtering mail (auto sort! don't do it, let the computer do it!)
  6. E-mail Clients (off-line "programs") - configuration: filters & threading, plain text, etc
  7. Web-mail (on-line mail management) - configuration: filters & threading

    1. Also

      1. Experienced Listserver User page - "Give me the skinny, I know what listservers are"
      2. Island Dance listserver introductory page (iDANCE List from any page nav bar)

Island Dance list

How to sign up

Visit the list info page to sign up, or simply write the Webmaster and ask them to add you

If you've put your name on a paper list at a dance you'll either be added or receive an invitation to join

You will receive a message asking you to confirm the subscription. To confirm simply reply to that message (no editing or writing required, it's not going to a person, just a computer), send it

You will then receive a Welcome Message. Similar information to the welcome message is on the iDance List page on this site. Save the List E-mail Address in your e-mail address book and away you go!

List Address

Put this address in your e-mail Address book. Go ahead, I'll wait

Good, well done

In fact it doesn't matter what the plain language text or Name one enters for it in your address book as long as that actual address is there. It might look like any of these, which are all effectively the same:

Island Dance list <>
iDance <> or even

Posting and Replying to the list

Send a NEW message for a NEW subject. Use the address we just saved in your address book. Always. Do not reply to someones message as a means to start a new topic


Using your Reply button will send an e-mail however it will go to only the original Sender/Poster of the message you reply to. That's the person  who wrote that message you have open

Since you likely wish to engage in friendly & useful discussion or send a comment via the List, hit the Reply-List or Reply-To-All button. Your e-mail application (client, "program" e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, MS Outlook Express) will handle this. Replying to the list is welcome for anything dance related. Please don't tell anyone otherwise

When replying, trim the fat from the earlier message(s). Really. Just rip it out, or calmly use the Delete key to remove text not required. We don't need to send what they sent again, just a fragment will let everyone know what is being referred to

You may write your response in between any (of the minimally) quoted text you leave of the other message. Really. This is called Interleaved Posting or quoting

Putting your reply text below theirs, Bottom Posting, will also help with the flow. It will also let one see just how much bumpf is being repeated. Feel uncomfortable with All That Text in the message? A good sign it's unnecessary. Remove what is not needed

Mail control & Threading

To some it may seem as if there is "too much e-mail". I would recommend setting your e-mail application ("program") to Filter or Auto Sort all the messages from the List into a separate Mail Folder or Mail Box just for Island Dance mail

Find and turn on the Threaded reading style of your e-mail application. Delete stuff. Enjoy

Oh, and Go Dancing!

Feel free to ask for help

Topic Filter (or, "Announcements Only")

After one has subscribed one will receive all list messages. That was easy. Neat

One may decide that's not neat and only wish to receive Announcements. If so visit the web link in the welcome e-mail, you did keep it? (Subscription Page, Options). Use the provided password to Log-in. Scroll waaaay down to set the Topic(s) (a check mark) you'd like to view (just the  one available right now). For now, leave the next setting alone (it should be NO), push the Submit My Changes button, then Log-Out

After this you will NOT see messages that don't match and get passed by the topic filter(s). That sole filter is essentially ANN for Announcements in the subject line (additional on-line help for this item)

This is a filter, set on the computer server (at Freenet). This is not on your computer. That is why one must log on somewhere. You visit, flip the "switch", leave

Sending Announcements

Would you like your announcement to be seen by all?

Include one of these terms in the subject line to ensure your announcement is received by those who set a topic filter

Subject: ANN event location, type, date
will work, as will any replies to it via the list
Keywords: ANN(or any one of ANN; Announcing; Announcement) will work

(In the Subject line, and near the top of your message, indicate which municipality an event is in/near)

E-mail Resources

Mail / posts to the list - format/editing/posting styles

Mailing and Posting Etiquette a nice, clear description
Posting style a good general description, not overly technical
Top Posting and Bottom Posting 
A definition of Bottom Posting
Quoting: Bottom Posting - Dan's Mail Format Site

Why top posting is so bad?
A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
A: Top-posting.
Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?

Netiquette Guidelines (and here as a text file) is a link also referred to in the above document. Mailing list info starts at item 3. yet refers to one-to-one mail guidelines at 1. References to carriage returns may be ignored. These days they are actually a problem if always used. HTML is not the evil it truly was at one point . . . still, why use it

Mail Management

Threaded E-mail - general (easy viewing of all msgs on a given topic)

Threading Windows and Web-Based E-Mail Clients -- while the client names & versions may be out of date the brief description & depiction of threading is great

There is on-line e-mail management, using a web browser (any kind: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) with a provider of a web-mail server. Web-mail hosts may be those for one's ISP (Internet service provider) such as Shaw, Telus, PacificCoast Net, Uniserve, Freenet) or Web-Mail only providers such as Yahoo!, Google/Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

There is off-line e-mail management, using a mail client (or "app"/application, or program) such as Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, Eudora, Apple Mail, Pegasus, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. One typically uses these with one's "regular" (real) ISP. One may sometimes use off-line e-mail clients with Yahoo! and others of that ilk

Filter (sort messages to separate mailbox/folder)

I'd probably set a filter to sort using one of these terms in the message:

List-id: <>

E-mail Clients (off-line "programs") configuration - filters & threading, plain text, etc

Dealing with email overload: threaded views in Outlook (also deals with automatic sorting/filtering of mail)
Two articles on setting Message Filters for Mozilla Thunderbird how to set them to sort iDance mail to it's own mail box
Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey
Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail & iOS (Apple stuff for iPods, iPhones & iPads) configuration @ Dan's Mail Format Site - for quoting, replying, bottom posting, plain text use

Web-mail (on-line mail management) - configuration - filters & threading

How To Set Up Email Filters In Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo (inc. links for articles on Thunderbird & Outlook)
Using Filters to Sort Incoming Email
in Yahoo! Webmail (on-line, in the web browser, into an on-line "mailbox" for iDance)
How to Set Up an Incoming Mail Filter in Windows Live Hotmail (see above description, on-line, in web browser) and How to Set Up an Incoming Mail Filter in Windows Live Hotmail