iDance e-mail list - Experienced Users

Experienced Listserver User (AKA the minimum reading approach)

A concise-ish summary of need-to-know stuff for those comfortable with listservers, e-mail management, computers, "Netiquette" and so on:

- list postings are unmoderated

- subscription to the list is moderated & requires confirmation by the new subscriber

- list postings are not archived (want to change this? lets talk about it)

- list posting address is <>

- use a New message for a New topic/thread/subject

- list info page

- REPLY is to Poster

- social default (what you generally will do) is to use REPLY LIST or REPLY ALL, so all will see yor post. That is unless you really wish to only write to the poster, no one else. Then use REPLY

- please Interleave or Bottom Post replies

- remove lots, don't over-quote earlier messages. Some folks pay for each bit or kilobyte of data downloaded

- any participative/social dance (especially forms of country dance) and performance style folk dance info or discussion is On Topic
- a list Topic filter is in use for those wishing to receive Announcements only
- if you post without one of the following they will not see your post, even if it is an announcement
- place one of: ANN; Announcement; Announce; Announcing in the Subject Line to get a post past this filter
- use of ANN gives more space for useful text to be visible in the subject line

Subject: ANN event location, type, date
will work, as will any replies to it via the list

- more topic filters may be set later. Open to requests. Filters do not make any list posts private

- if you as a subscriber have not set a filter you'll see all messages
No action = see all messages
- posting suggestions: indicate municipality, on/off Islands, date, web site link. Please avoid stuffing performer biography material through e-mail, simply a link to it, with a line or so of text describing the link destination

- please do not use link/URI/URL shortening services. If you feel you must then ensure users may see the destination address i.e. if using TinyURL include Preview in the link path. This means and others are out

- avoid HTML, large files including photographs. Do not send the actual web page or document that is available on a web page or server, send the link/address
 need somewhere to host that dance related document?  Might do that right here, ask the Island Dance webmaster

- IF there is a perceived requirement to send an attached file, use common, non-proprietary formats such as Text, PDF, RTF, HTML or .odt. Avoid .doc .docx, etc. List members will generally not need a spreadsheet, send that to list members off list or convert to PDF or HTML for easy viewing


Island Dance listserver introductory page (iDance List from any page top nav bar)

Detailed help on setting up - "Don't Panic!"