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Under Construction - have submissions?

There has been some expressed interest, however no word around the region of anyone offering any events or leadership. There are also some folks spread about who would be interested in social dance, Irish Set, Two-Handed, or Ceili dance, all are forms of social (or country) dance

A "Set" is a term used in lieu of Dance Directions as might be heard in other country dance. When they say new sets are rarely composed, it essentially means new dances are not written. Use of Set this way is different from other forms of country dance where Set refers to the group configuration for a given dance. I've discovered it also refers to the formation or group on the floor, "Are all your sets complete?"

Would any one like to book at hall, find some musicians? I'd happy to try to call this form of dance. Having tried dancing it for the first time this year, at NW Folklife, I found it to be quite fun

Is there someone already dancing it that doesn't know about Island Dance, the site or list? Please pass the word both directions

Victoria area

Regional Irish Dance Groups

Brakendale/Squamish, BC has hosted a number of Irish Ceili dances however no new listings have been noted

Events, Camps, Weekends


For a taste of what Irish Set, Two-Handed or Ceili dancing is like, read around these:

Nova Scotia and PEI Irish Set dance

Set Dancing News - the web site for Irish set dancers

Newcastle Irish Set Dancers - Australia

Crooked River Set Dancers - USA. Good descriptions