Dance e-mail lists                 

Many dance groups have personally held lists of e-mail addresses, usually used to announce the next dance. Sometimes a member acts as a relay -- send to them, they distribute to others

This is not what will be included here, for those one must query the group or regular event organisers

These lists are ones that do that automatically -- e.g. Listsevers, Reflectors, MailServers. One subscribes to the list (the computer that runs it), sends a post to it and one receives the posts others make. Go ahead be brave, it's only e-mail

Victoria area

This web site, Island Dance, has it's own e-mail listserver (List Info Page.) The purpose is to serve any and all Country & Folk dance interests on the Island(s). For more info visit the page where it lives or the Why & How-To one on this site. One may also use the iDANCE List button at the top of any page

Please encourage organisers to post their events on it!

Regional Dance e-mail lists

Seattle Contra is a Yahoo! Group with members from a large area extending beyond Puget Sound. Contrary to popular belief, one does not require a Yahoo! account to be a member of a Yahoo! Group. Simply subscribe using the e-mail address at the foot of the page. Without a Yahoo! account one may not immediately log in and search the archives, however "things may be achieved", ask for advice. [Contra, dancers, callers, organisers, events, some trad squares]

Broader area dance e-mail lists

The English Country Dance list, hosted by Alan Winston (& BACDS), attracts dancers, callers, organisers, choreographers, musicians, historians and anything else one might think of. Archives have mercifully been closed to non-member eyes a few years ago. One may search the old archives and the those since 2009 once one becomes a member. Busy and good

Two dance caller lists exist that are quite useful

Traditional Dance Callers is a Yahoo! Group that has been around for some time. An international membership makes things interesting and useful. Some folks go "way back" so good questions, answers and discussions abound. [mostly Contra, Community, ECD, Ceilidh, Trad Squares, occasionally MWSD]

Shared Weight is a group of dance enthusiasts. They host four lists: Callers, Musicians, Dance Organisers & Communication/Web design. Membership on the caller list isn't as large as TradDanceCallers also some folks appear to have strong points of view. The only real downside to these lists is the archives are completely public. While one may search them without first becoming a member, anyone may search them without becoming a member. Therefore search engines may do so as well. Nothing one submits or posts to the Shared Weight lists can escape from them. My greatest complaint with this is, in my opinion it chills the discussion for the aware and leaves posts exposed for the aimless to easily take any content or comment out of context. [Mostly Contra, some Community, Ceilidh]