About Us

Island Thyme is a women's Morris dance side based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We perform traditional display dances from all over England, as well as new creations in the traditional style. We are accompanied by a wonderful band of musicians playing flute, concertinas, melodeon, mandolins, guitar, banjo and percussion.

Morris dancing has existed in the English countryside for centuries. There are many different styles or “traditions” of Morris dancing, each of which originated in a particular region or village of England. The dances we perform today are based on these traditions as they have been handed down from generation to generation.

While Morris dancing originated in England, it can be seen to have close ties with the worldwide family of ritual ceremonial dances which celebrate the cycle of the seasons and are characterized by their colour, vitality, and disguise.

For more information about Morris dancing, please see the Island Dance - Morris page.

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