Experimental Contry Dance Party & Urban Barn Dance      

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The Victoria Experimental Contry Dance Party & Urban Barn Dance has returned for 2014!
Run for six weeks in 2011 (see what it looked like then) it is essentially a

                        DIY Barn Dance!

For 2014:

St. Matthais Anglican Church hall, 600 Richmond Av., Victoria, BC, V8S 3Y7
Thursday evenings, 17 July - 14 August 2014

Further info/announcements on this page and via iDance e-mail list

Dancing 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.  with a social/water break

Dry, All-Ages event (no child care)
No partner or previous experience required - Dances taught and called (prompted/cued)
All welcome. New dancer info
Please wear dance shoes, or dedicated, throughly cleaned indoor shoes

Entrance by donation: $5 suggested, or W.H.Y. (What Have You)

There is NO kitchen this year. Bring a water bottle, possibly a mug
Someone may bring a kettle for break time (offers?)

An Open Band / Open Caller Mic evening hosted by JD Erskine with various callers, music leaders & "The (On a) Shoe String Band". Come play, call, dance. Try it all

Longways, whole/full set, circle, squares. A bit of many things, some Contra, some English or Scottish Country or Ceilidh, maybe some Irish Ceili,  traditional squares, or other folk dance of varied origins

Offers to call a dance or lead the music please write to your scribe ('JD'), or simply show up
Rosemary Lach sorts the callers on Thu. 24 July 2014

Getting the word out, send you friends a link to the main Island Dance page, or this one
Pass some flyers/handbills around, single page, 2 to a page, 4 to a page

Open Band members, you'll probably be happiest if you can play at least a few tunes by ear, however one may join in, catch up, chord or accompany once it gets going. A few dances may have specific music, so sight reading ability may prove handy however is not necessary. A great way to add tunes to one's repertoire. Ability to play some dance tunes commonly played at music sessions or around the local or regional dance community is helpful. You'll be surprised at how many you know. Give it a whirl!

Help lead the band? One needn't be leader of a band to be a dance Music Leader for an evening. Knowing how dance music and callers work together is what is handy. Picking and suggesting tunes, or accepting suggestions of tunes from others in the Open Band, is what you do or would like to try. Several of us will bring copies of Barnes Book of Country Dance Tunes or maybe the Portland Collection, however there are no "held" copies by the series

via Vic Regional Transit/BC TransitSt. Matthais is on Route 7 with a stop @ Fairfield & Richmond, about two blocks south of the hall. Richmond is roughly between the two timing points for Fairfield at Moss & Foul Bay at Fort. One may easily arrive at the hall by about 7:15( eastbound) or 7:25 (westbound)

See you on the floor! Cheers, JDE