About Victoria English Country Dance

The VECDS is a group of friendly people who gather once a week to dance. We dance in longways sets, circles and squares

These are old dances from the 18th and 19th centuries and newer dances in the English style created in the 20th and 21st centuries

Each dance has its own music played wonderfully by our musicians, The Dancehall Players

It is easy to learn the dances and we always have a caller who will briefly teach the dance and then cue us during it as necessary

We welcome newcomers, whether dancers or musicians. No partner or experience is required - just a desire to have fun, dance and play music

Dancers, please bring some indoor shoes to keep the floor from becoming overly worn. There is often a wood stove, well, a wood burning stove in operation, so light layered clothing is best.

Musicians wishing to sit in during the week may contact our band matriarch. If you have your own copies of Barnes I & II that is a bonus, however it's not required. Some notice is nice as most callers distribute their program to our band leader with a bit of lead time.

VECDS is an affiliate of the Country Dance & Song Society. We are listed on their site, have copies of the CDSS newsletter for perusal and some advance opportunities and matching funding exist for VECDS members to participate in CDSS programs.

Finding us

We are hosted in a private venue so we do not publish the location. It is in the Victoria area, Saanich, BC actually, and a little difficult to navigate to the first time for some folks. Please get in touch early enough to respond, which we will! (telephone or e-mail)

We ask you arrive as fragrance free or scent free as possible. It's not a large place and any whiff of chemical, manufactured or dervied, used in various products is quickly distributed among a group of people during full room/group social dance.

E-mail addresses

E-mail addresses on the site are "covered" or encrypted using Javascript. The idea is to minimise the chances of them being collected by web trollers, trawlers, spiders or other robots and to allow for the ease of "clicking" on them opening your default/chosen e-mail application with the address filled in.

To ensure you are viewing them please have Javascript running and, if you have NoScript running, set it to allow the http://www.vecds.bc.ca/ or http://vecds.bc.ca/ domain.

Most folks will have no difficulty viewing them as the default settings on most web browsers are quite liberal. If you have any doubts about this it is likely you aren't very techie and haven't made any changes from your browser default settings to prevent seeing these addresses, i.e. "Don't panic." If you can't see them and didn't change anything yourself, ask your pet nerd what they did to protect you, you'll need a "by" for this site setting.


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VECDS maintains a manually/human administered e-mail notification list for members and those interested. Through it one may receive notices of dance and dance music events from our group and relaying that of neighbouring groups. Please see Suzanne at a dance evening or write to the Dance Query or Webmaster addresses. We do not use this list for other purposes and do not release it to anyone.

Our English Country Ball mailing list is used solely for the purpose of announcing open registration and distributing our ball weekend application every two years. If you are on the general VECDS mailing there is no need to sign up for this one.

Dancing inquiries, via e-mail or to 250.479.8662

Webmaster e-mail, 250.812.0481 or contact is often available via Skype. Please commence Skype contact with a text chat (Instant Messaging) before ringing through. Refresh/Reload page to confirm status.

250.812.0481 Victoria, BC

or contact them via Skype, for a text chat (Instant Messaging). Refresh page to confirm status.
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