Victoria English Country Dance Society

Schedule of Callers, Dance Program, and Dances Danced - 2017/2018

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 * Denotes a "4th Thursday" of the month, Open Band evening

Weekly dancing Thursday evenings at the hall. Social dance 7:30 to about 9:30 p.m.

The evening sports a brief break for tea & socialising. We typically end with a waltz about 9:30 p.m.

Before 7:30 p.m.. callers and others may be testing or working on a dance in some fashion

Sometimes a public dance workshop or session of instruction is available

See this page & notices from our mailing list for news of that, otherwise social dance begins at 7:30 p.m.

Dance parties or workshops may take place on other days -- see our home page for open events

2017 - A Pat Shaw Cenetary

2017 was the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Pat Shaw, a "Twentieth Century Dancing Master."

A project of the Pat Shaw Legacy Group, was in effect throughout the year encouraging the calling and dancing of his creations, often of both dance and music. Many dances by Pat were called and danced by folks wherever ECD, Playford, Contra, Welsh, ceilidh or barn dances were present. One may look to the Pat Shaw Legacy Group web site to view a record of those world wide activities

For those interested much may be learnt about the dances (includes directions) at the dances page of the Group

Those of Pat's dances called at the VECDS weekly dances and events are marked below and on the 2016/2017 program page by the use of italics

Thursday Social Dance Schedule

What we danced in: 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017 

Callers, see your events and resources page for other activities

8 - 10 Sep 2017    Hands Across the Water 2017 (includes dance program)

Thursdays:        7:30                        8:45                                Earlier activity

21 Sep 2017    Rosemary Lach      Rosemary Lach 

Pleasure Vest
Mrs Hill's Dance
Royal city Waltz
Mount Hills
Rain on the Roof
Nonesuch II
After Dinner Maggot
Trip to Provence

28 Sep 2017*   Richard Iredale       Richard Iredale

05 Oct 2017    Alan Greene            Alan Greene

Draper’s Gardens
Humours of Marybon
Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot
Charlene’s Celebration
Muriel’s Measure
The Molly Andrew
Dear Abby

12 Oct 2017    Jim Wisnia              Jenny Fraser

Take a Dance
The Punch Bowl
Red and All Red
Autumn Gifts
Halsway Sicilian - If time
Freeford Gardens
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Sally in our alley

19 Oct 2017    Evening dancing cancelled

26 Oct 2017*   Rosemary Lach       Rosemary Lach        social dance commences at 7:15 p.m.

We are dancing this Thursday as Dan would have wished
Syd and Dan's family want the hall to continue to ring with the sound of music and dance
I've chosen a programme based on tunes that Dan especially liked plus a couple of dances to Dan's tunes:

Family Waltz - to Star of the County Down
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Long Live London
Leah's Waltz
Polka set
Red House
Candles in the Dark
Still Russian Around
Peace be With You
The Splendid Shilling
Barbarini's Tambourine
Family waltz - I thought we'd end with Late Night Waltz

02 Nov 2017    Joanne Thomson     Alan Greene

Apple Butter Pot
Ferry Dance
Kelsterne Gardens
Smithy Hill
Freeford Gardens
The Bishop’s Halloween
The Molly Andrew
Mrs. Savage’s Whim

09 Nov 2017    Sheila McCall         Jenny Fraser

Zephyrs and Flora
The Play’s the Thing
Leather Lake House
X Ackley
Well Hall
The Bishop
The Collier’s Daughter
The Physical Snob
The Hole in the Wall
The Spaniard

16 Nov 2017    John D. Erskine       John D. Erskine        Run through for those at St. Cecilia's Day

Money In Both Pockets
The Pleasure Vest
Christ Church Bells
Doubtful Shepherd
Pea Straw
Waterfall Waltz
The Play’s the Thing Cottonwood (substituted)

23 Nov 2017*  Richard Iredale        Richard Iredale

30 Nov 2017    Joanne Thomson      Joanne Thomson

Jacks Maggot
Mayne-ly Dancing
Sapphire Sea
Levi Jackson Rag
Duke of Kent's Waltz
Turn of the Tide
Key to the Cellar
A Trip to Paris

07 Dec 2017    Jenny Fraser & Carole Smith        Richard Iredale    **NB Starts at 7:00 p.m.

Good King Wenceslas
Away in a Manger
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
Deck the Halls
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Silver Bells
Female Sailor (Masters in this Hall)
Pine Cones
In the Bleak Midwinter


11 Jan 2018    Richard Iredale            Richard Iredale

18 Jan 2018    Joanne Thomson         Suzanne Bullen

Mid Winter Maggot
Barbarini's Tambourine
Punch Bowl
Red and All Red
Well Hall
Puck’s Deceit
Winter Waltz
Young Widow
Margaret’s Waltz

25 Jan 2018*  Rosemary Lach           Rosemary Lach

The Spaniard
Fair & Softly as triple minor
Katie's Waltz
Grimes of Passion
The Emperor of the Moon
The Magnificent Melodious Masquerade
Rain on the Roof
The Waggoner
Elephant Stairs

01 Feb 2018   Van Williams              Jim Wisnia

The Gypsy Round
Gold for the Maheius
Banish Misfortune
Hambleton's Round-O
The Hop Ground
Trip to Orpington
Ramsgate Assembly
Dover Pier

08 Feb 2018    Richard Iredale           Carole Smith                Caller meeting

Margate Assembly #1
Fair Quaker of Deal
Handel with Care
The Wood Duck

15 Feb 2018    Rosemary Lach          Rosemary Lach

Sprigs of Laurel
Madm. Buonoparte's Waltz
Marly Water Works
La Triomphe
Lord Wellington
Charity Boy
Duke of Kent's Waltz

22 Feb 2018*  Joanne Thomson        Joanne Thomson
CANCELLED - due to snow conditions at hall

01 Mar 2018    Cavalcade of Callers                                        Caller meeting

Freeford Gardens - Jim
East Indian - Rosemary
Punch Bowl - Jim
Mid Winter Maggot - Suzanne
Autumn in Amherst - Jen
Mendocino Redwood - Rosemary
Dublin Bay - Rosemary
Shrewsbury Lasses - John
Blackheath - John
Elizabeth - Suzanne

08 Mar 2018    Suzanne Bullen          Sheila McCall

Rakes of Rochester
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
Chocolate Equation
Winter Dreams
Prince William
The Bishop
The Play’s the Thing
Well Hall
15 Mar 2018    Van Williams             Jenny Fraser

Margaret's Waltz
Sun Assembly
Kelsterne Gardens
Wibsey Roundabout
When Laura Smiles
The Collier’s Daughter
Beech Spring
The Physical Snob
Sally in our Alley

22 Mar 2018*  Joanne Thomson        Jim Wisnia

East indian
Apple Butter Pot
Easter Thusday
Annika’s Road
Leather Lake House 
Potter’s Wheel
Sellenger’s Round

29 Mar 2018    Jenny Fraser               Rosemary Lach

Geud Man of Ballangigh
Set for Spring
Draper's Gardens
A Trip to Tunbridge
Blythe company
 Apley House - extra
The Lover's Knot - Vancouver Ball dance
The Magnificently Melodious Masquerade
Rushin' for the Ferry
Lambs on Green Hill

05 Apr 2018    Lael Whitehead           Lael Whitehead

Christina Blue
A Double Duet
Way of the World
St. Martin’s Lane
Bloomsbury Market
Handle With Care
The Minor Spaniard
The Wood Duck
Jacob Hall’s Jig

08 Apr 2018 Sun Advanced ECD:

Miss de Jersey's Memorial (video YT)
The Magnificently Melodious Masquerade
Star of Kintra
The Susanbirds Wend Home
Peace and Joy
Circle of Silver
The Merry Salopians (video FB)
Barham Down
Mary K - Vancouver ball dance (video YT)

12 Apr 2018    Rosemary Lach           Rosemary Lach

Vancouver Ball review:
Braes of Dornoch
Bonny Cuckoo
Lover's Knot
Mary K
Felix's Name day
Midwinter Maggot
Shrewsbury Lasses
Gypsy Hill Jig

19 Apr 2018    Joanne Thomson         Joanne Thomson

Bar a Bar
Key to the Cellar
A Trip to Paris
The Bishop
Levi Jackson Rag
Jacks Maggot
Smithy Hill
Turn of the Tide
Sapphire Sea

26 Apr 2018*  Jenny Fraser                Suzanne Bullen

03 May 2018    Sheila McCall
10 May 2018    Jim Wisnia
17 May 2018    Van Williams              Jenny Fraser
24 May 2018*  Rosemary Lach           Rosemary Lach
31 May 2018

07 Jun 2018    Van Williams               Van Williams