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Dancehall Players @ Dan's Hall, by Louise Hawksford, 2001 - used by permission

The Dancehall Players album #3 was released in April 2016

Fresh From Dan's Hall:  Original Tunes by The Dancehall Players

is an album of original compositions by members of the Dancehall Players. The tunes range from jigs and reels, to waltzes and airs, and are performed on piano, violin, flute, recorders, guitar, mandolin, cuatro, cello, banjo, voice, and percussion. Music to stir your heart and get your toes tapping

Fresh From Dan's Hall - 3rd album of The Dancehall Players

Physical albums (CDs) are available from several sources, including band members -  CDSS, , AADS (Belgium), and CDbaby / Digital downloads are available from CD Baby and their partners - $5 download cards for this album are available from band members

A book of muiscal notation is available, to accompany the latest album - CDSS, band members

Live From Dan's Hall, 1st album of The Dancehall Players

Live from Dan's Hall
Music for English Country Dance
The Dancehall Players


Review by Robbie Thomas, English Dance & Song magazine

More From Dan's Hall, 2nd album of The Dancehall Players

More from Dan's Hall
Music for English Country Dance
The Dancehall Players


Review by Rachel Taylor, English Dance & Song magazine

Live From Dan's Hall reviews

It is DELIGHTFUL, just delightful. No other word will do.  I generally try to listen carefully and then give constructive criticism; but that ainít gonna happen here. I wasnít halfway through Knole Park before I had to put fingers to keyboard and tell you how Iím feeling. If I could type standing up (or dancing), thatís what Iíd be doing. What a great CD you and the band have put together! On behalf of the whole dance scene, thank you.

Bruce Hamilton

Iím just listening to the lyrical and lovely Miss Gordon of Gight as I write. The arrangements are really beautiful and the piano playing is impeccable. Makes me wish I were an English country dancer! The cover design is attractive--very professionalóand the notes informative and useful. Iím sure the CD will be a great asset to the dancing community, not just in Victoria but far beyond.

Barclay Macmillan (Ottawa)

Personally I particularly like your arrangements in Childgrove, and it is really good to have the beautiful music for Filigree which we enjoyed dancing at Halsway Manor last Fall... ...a great big thank you to you and the Dancehall Players for producing this wonderful CD.

Best wishes
Robert (Moir)

It's delightful! Thank you so much! Ansa just asked me if it made me feel like dancing. I suggested, on first listen, it makes me feel like devouring a haunch of venison with a dagger and fork, washing it down with flagons of ale, whilst watching other's, more spritely than I, Fandango-ing their hearts out in some green meadow of English daisies. Very inspired. More seriously, it really is fine. I'm sure, with successive listens, many more of the intricacies will become apparent. Pass along my appreciation to the troupe. From one crazy old country picker: Well done!


More From Dan's Hall reviews

It's great! What a good mixture of items!
Please congratulate all concerned in contributing and performing;
and the sound engineer - a particularly impressive production.

Robert Moir

It's wonderful... there's an innocent, sweet quality to it that evokes the pastoral beauty that I and many of us first loved about ECD.A wide variety of instruments, all expertly played, lend a great variety and richness to the disc. There are some familiar favorites as well as some tunes that, to my knowledge, have not been recorded before.

This one struck a "lost chord"-- straightforward, unpretentious, unencumbered-- just simply beautiful.

Gene Murrow

musical notes imageThree Dancehall Players albums available!          

Live From Dan's Hall
by The Dancehall Players was first available Thursday, 21 January 2010, at the Victoria English Country Dance Society's regular Thursday evening dance at Dan's Hall. We even called two dances to it! Sounded just like them

The album (CD) is available directly from , any other member of the band, via the Victoria ECD, & at all dances

Live From Dan's Hall is listed at and for sale at the CDSS store, CDBaby, iTunes Store, AADS (Anglo American Dance Society, Belgium), GreatIndie Music, Amazon (album or individual tracks available at many of these sites for download by payment). It may also be stocked by local shops. Please buy locally, direct from the band if you can

Tracks: Knole Park, Childgrove, The Fandango, Ronde IX (O Susato), The Duke of Kent's Waltz, Agatha (Sarah),
Cadboro Bay Waltz / Elsie Polley's Waltz, The Foxhunter's (Trip to Town-O), Miss Gordon of Gight (Easter Morn), The Ashford Anniversary, Bolt The Door (Jack's Health), Leather Lake House, Lady Marian (Filigree), Late Night Waltz / Buddy's Waltz

The Dancehall Players second album of danceable English Country music, More From Dan's Hall is out! See the band Thursday evenings, also available at many of the outlets listed above and Folksales UK (aka "Appling's")

Tracks: Aprilís March, Hunt The Squirrel (Geud Man of Ballangigh), St. Catherine, Quem Pastores (Shepherdsí Delight), La Gavre, Tango in Toronto, Trip to Paris, Twelfth Night at the Fireside / The Lass She Danced Alone, As Luck Will Have It (Halsway Sicilian), Hambletonís Round-O, Red and All Red, Frank Palmer, Elegant Dancer, Branle des Chevaux (Horseplay), Delia (or The Amorous Goddess), Annikaís Waltz

An album notes booklet, much larger than that included with the CD, is available on-line. It includes 44 pages of music, dance and historical notes as well as many photographs (photos S. Kirkvold)

CDSS CDBaby iTunes AADS GreatIndie Music Amazon Folksales UK

Fresh From Dan's Hall is now out, as of April 2016. It will shortly be available from CDBaby and other sources and is now available from the band members and at VECDS dances

"The beautiful photograph of Dan's Hall that is the cover of More From Dan's Hall was taken by Louise Hawksford in 2001.  We love it so much that it has appeared on our first two albums."

"Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Come out and dance - we love to play!"

musical notes image

Coming Events for the Dancehall Players:

The Dancehall Players, in a variety of combinations, will be playing about the Victoria and Vancouver area throughout the year. Please check back for updates

  • 7-9 Sep 2018,  TDP & Friends, for Hands Across the Water ECD workshop weekend, Victoria - withTrevor Monson