Victoria English Country Dance Society


Who we are - The VECDS is a group of friendly people who gather once a week to dance. We dance in longways sets, circles and squares

These are "old" dances from the 18th and 19th centuries and "new" dances in the English style created in the 20th and 21st centuries. Some may be gentle, others energetic, a few intricate, others fairly straightforward. Lots of different figures (the patterns), types of stepping or musical time signatures. In other words there is great variety

Each dance has its own music played wonderfully by our musicians, The Dancehall Players

It is quite straightforward to learn the dances and we always have a caller who will briefly teach the dance and then prompt us during it as  necessary.

We welcome newcomers, whether dancers or musicians.  No partner or experience is required - just a desire to dance & have fun.

Dancers - Please bring indoor shoes to keep the floor at either venue from becoming overly worn.

At our newer, weekly digs at "Harriet Hall" the activity may generate a fair bit of heat. In our older digs used for Advanced sessions ("Sunday dancing") there is often a wood burning stove in operation from autumn to spring. So, in the main, light, layered clothing is best any time of the year.

Musicians - come play with us! For the 2019/2020 dance year an Open Band evening is planned for the 4th Thursday of each month, Sept. on. For details and music please contact band leader

If you have your own copies of Barnes I, II & III that is a bonus, however not required. Some notice you'd like to participate is  helpful in terms of preparation.

Finding us

Thursday dancing is 7:30 to 9:30 p.m (doors 7 p.m.), often ending with a waltz. We have a break midway to socialise with those we haven't danced with, pass on announcements and the like.

We've moved! After years in our delightful, original location we've moved our weekly Thursday dance to:

Eastern Star Hall, 3281 Harriet Road (aka "Harriet Hall"), Victoria, BC V8Z 3S3 (geographically in Saanich, BC) (Map1 Map2)

Please enter by the main/front/Harriet St. entrance.

Parking - There are a few spaces about the hall, and plenty of parking along Irma Street, curving behind the hall just off Harriet Road.

Break/Snacks - As the kitchen is downstairs we’ve simplified the tea break. There will be a break but we will not be providing tea, so please bring your own drinks, water bottles or thermos with tea if you like. Volunteers - Snack contributions welcome (on plates from home.)

Advanced ECD is 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on some Sundays. This is in our former, long term location. As it is in a private residence we ask that you contact us in time to receive directions. Please read if it is a "fit" for you. This is not simply extra dancing.

We ask you arrive as fragrance or scent free as possible. Nether hall is a large place and any whiff of chemical from various products is quickly distributed among a group of people. Even gardening (say up to ones elbows in roses)  may prepare one to be quite pleasantly pungent in the confines of the hall. Please read the info page about this.


VECDS maintains a manually/human administered General for local dancers. Via it one may receive notices of dance & dance music events. These usually have a focus of our group and relaying that of neighbouring dance groups and activities in the region. Please see Claudia at a dance evening or write to the Dance query or Webmaster addresses to be added. We do not use this list for other purposes and do not release or share it.

Our  is used solely for the purpose of distributing our ball weekend application every two years. If you are on the General VECDS mailing there is no need to sign up for this one.

Directions - how to find us/Dancing - something about what is coming up, etc. -- inquiries, via


VECDS is an affiliate of the Country Dance & Song Society. We are listed on their site, have copies of the CDSS newsletter for perusal and some advance opportunities exist in CDSS programs and camps for VECDS members.